Our concerts are designed together with event arrangers with great care and  our workshops are
 for students who are either absolute beginners 
or at continuation level  or for more advanced taiko players.

About us

The Stockholm Taiko Club began in Sweden 1991. This was a result of a series of performances and workshops given by pioneers  Iwakichi Yamashita and Noriko Hashimoto from Kyoto. After many years of playing and study Andrew Hickman  continued to grow the Swedish taiko family tree and in 2014  Sweden Taiko was born.
At Sweden Taiko we have many friends in Japan and we have been inspired by the rich tradition of japanese taiko music. This music, which flows from the hearts of people who play together  passionately at local festivals all over the Japan.   Communities of fishing people, gatherings of farmers, foresters, weavers, or iron workers. Groups of working people whose ancient rythms and songs celebrate and continue to reflect the natural spirit of taiko in modern day Japan. 

Taiko drums are indeed both simple and profound. 

Sweden Taiko has developed a varied concert program (check out our performance page) and we also arrange workshops for beginners and intermediate  students. Sweden Taiko is proud to collaborate with our japanese international taiko masters whom we visit in Japan and who visit us here in Sweden.  Japanese Taiko is an ancient tradition but also modern.
                                                                                                                                         Andrew Hickman 

Thanks to our taiko masters:

 Ryo Shiobara Nagano taiko master (Taiko, kagura)   https://youtu.be/QXwhZS5Xh7s

Kano Yasukazu (shinobué flutemaster and former Kodo master drummer )  https://yasukazu.com/en:

Aren Tokyo (shinobué flute and taiko) 

Kumiko Suzuki  Tokyo and London (taiko)  https://youtu.be/pDjEKnWMTk8