Our concerts are designed together with event arrangers with great care and  our workshops are
 for students who are either absolute beginners 
or at continuation level  or for more advanced taiko players.
We learn to play high quality taiko drums from Japan och learn mostly traditional taiko works from different regions of Japan. Taiko means large drum in Japanese and this simple instrument has a profound range of expression.
Taiko drums are played traditionally in Japan in many different ways, usually in conjunction with local shinto festivals.
Nowadays there are many international Taiko groups that play 
modern taiko pieces. 
Taiko is played in an intensive, meditative and sensitive way. Sound vibrations, energy and physical movement open channels of energy that are stimulating for mind and body.

Taiko for wellbeing

Virtual Taiko workshop - 5th august

Why Japanese drums now?

In recent years, uncertainties such as climate change, pandemics, wars, and political upheavals have become the norm. In addition to social changes, the rapid evolution of AI poses existential questions to all of humanity. Under such circumstances, mental health is deteriorating all over the world, and it is becoming a big problem. Once again, people are required to restore and strengthen their connections with their bodies, minds, and society, and increase their well-being and resilience.

Various health effects have been proven in Japanese drum performance, which requires unique vibrations, rhythms and melodies, self-expression and communication. “Kodou Rondo” aims to promote self-expression and self-liberation through Japanese drums.